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Software Licensing

To get a permanent software license key and activate your Pro-Trainer software, please follow these instructions: 

1)  Be sure the software is installed on the PC you want to permanently license (warning: the license you receive will only work on that PC)


2)  Test the software thoroughly in the trial mode to be sure your PC and camcorder are working properly with our software (warning: once you license this PC you will not be able to copy the license to another PC).


3)  Purchase the software by going to our online store. Click here. You will receive a return email within one business day which will contain an invoice attachment with your license SERIAL NUMBER. Copy down your SERIAL NUMBER for the next step.


4) Start the Pro-Trainer software and follow the activation instructions on the startup screen for "request or enter your license". You will need to enter your SERIAL NUMBER and a valid email address on the next screen.


5) Once you have submitted a valid SERIAL NUMBER and your email address, your LICENSE KEY will be returned to you within a few minutes by an automated email.


6) When you receive this email, copy or cut & paste the LICENSE KEY,  restart your software and follow the "request or enter your license" instructions to enter the LICENSE KEY. Your software will then be activated.


Click on the picture below for a short video on how to activate your license:



Alternate method: You may also use the link below to request a new license key.

Click here to go to the license request form.

Important notes: 

A license key will only work on a single PC and cannot be transferred to another PC. 

If you are requesting a replacement or backup license key, you will receive an email requesting specific information as to the reason for the additional license (such as a failed hard drive or other hardware issue). There is a $25 handling fee for replacement keys. You may also be asked to provide copies of PC repair bills or proof of PC replacement before a new license will be issued. Sports Motion reserves the right to refuse additional license requests if, in the company’s opinion, there is suspicion of licensing abuse.

Click here to go to the license request form.

Toll-free (US only): 888-265-6226
International: 001-760-942-0116
Fax: 760-942-6285


Sales/support hours: 8AM-4PM PST

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