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Frequently Asked Questions

This section answers our most commonly asked questions. Please have a thorough look at the website for additional information.

Pro-Trainer Hardware Systems FAQs

Software FAQs


Are Pro-Trainer systems difficult to setup?

Absolutely not! Our Pro-Trainer systems are unique because we actually integrate the camcorder, PC and other parts into a finished package which is ready to go right out of the box. We have taken care of setting up the PC and all the software before you receive your system. There’s no messy setup or installation. We even charge all system batteries before shipping so when you receive your Pro-Trainer you can literally start using it right away.

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Is there a lot to learn before being able to really use the system?

Not at all. We have designed the Pro-Trainer package specifically for coaches and trainers on-the-go who don't have the time to read lots of instructions. We have simple startup instructions printed right inside your carrying case. And, since everything is controlled by just a few color-coded keys or our remote control, it's as simple as using a TV.

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Can I really see detail in an athlete's motion?

Yes, that's where our Pro-Trainer systems excel. With state-of-the-art video electronics and software, the resolution and clarity are outstanding. You will capture 60 to 1200 frames per second and be able to view every single frame. Until now, you could only get quality like this with large, expensive videotape machines typically found in studios and professional sports organizations.

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Is this system heavy and difficult to carry around?

No. Again, we've designed our Pro-Trainer field systems to be lightweight and extremely portable. The entire package including camcorder, PC, tripod, batteries and carrying case weighs about 35 pounds. If you choose one of our Pro-Trainer desktop systems or choose to only take the camcorder in the field, the digital video camcorders that are packaged with our systems weigh as little as one pound and fit in the palm of your hand. Even our optional high-end camcorder weighs only three pounds. We also offer upgrades to wheeled-cases for easier transporting.

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Does it take long to set the equipment up?

No. With our Pro-Trainer field systems, it takes less than 60 seconds to setup a typical single camera system. The tripod quickly opens and expands to full-size, the camcorder has a quick-release mount and there's only one cable to connect between the camcorder and PC. Packing up is just as fast.

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What about battery life?

Battery life for all equipment in our systems is normally several hours under average use. Plus, you can always purchase extra batteries or extended life batteries to carry along for even longer practice sessions. Of course, if you are indoors or near a power source then you can simply plug the power packs in and not have to worry about batteries at all.

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What if I don't want to carry the entire system on the field?

Our Pro-Trainer systems are very flexible. Because our systems are modular in design, you can simply use the camcorder by itself to tape a practice session using the mini-DV tapes which come with each system. You then bring the finished tapes back to your office, load them onto the PC and begin analyzing them.

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Can I use the PC for other tasks?

Yes, our PCs are powerful enough to handle other software but we do not recommend installing unknown products on the PC such as specialty hardware cards or gaming software. The reason is that these PCs are specifically setup and tuned for our application which requires a dedicated CPU and hard disk. Experienced users may use their PC for other applications such as word processing, etc. but we caution against the use of unknown software that might corrupt drivers or other critical areas of the PC.

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How can this system compete with professional videotape machines?

In the last few years the performance of small digital video camcorders and PCs has improved dramatically, to the point where digital video on a PC is now possible AND practical. Not only that, but the cost of this equipment has been rapidly coming down.

What if I have more questions?

Please email us at if you have any more questions. We will be happy to assist you.

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What is Pro-Trainer DV?

Pro-Trainer DV software is a program capable of capturing and analyzing digital video at 60 to 1200 frames per second for the purposes of detail motion analysis and athlete training. The software has a wide range of applications but is particularly useful for sports, physical therapy and rehabilitation.

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What can Pro-Trainer DV do?

Using Pro-Trainer DV you can create and analyze video clips of a person's motion from any DV-style camcorder. Features include:

  • Capture video from any mini-DV camcorder (Firewire)

  • Overlay (superimpose) video frames.

  • Switch a right-handed person to left-handed or vice-versa.

  • Simultaneously display multiple windows of separate video clips.

  • Use slow motion to analyze video clips frame by frame.

  • Add geometric shapes and drawings to a video clip to emphasize important points throughout a motion.

  • Add individual notes at any point on any frame of the video to create student lessons.

  • Synchronize different video clips for easy side-by-side viewing simultaneously.

  • Print individual frames of a video.

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Who is using Pro-Trainer DV?

Pro-Trainer DV is being used across a wide range of sports, sports medicine and physical therapy/research. These include:

  • golf

  • tennis

  • football

  • baseball

  • softball

  • basketball

  • track and field

  • hockey

  • volleyball

  • archery

  • equestrian

  • gymnastics

  • synchronized swimming

  • skiing

  • physical therapy

  • sports injuries/rehab

Physical therapists have used the program extensively in gait analysis and to video their patients' other movements.

Sports scientists/Biomechanists have used the program for a wide range of analysis of sporting movement.

Gym instructors/strength and conditioning consultants have used Pro-Trainer DV to develop a library of model techniques for exercises.

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What equipment do I need to run Pro-Trainer DV?

The processing of video requires substantial computer resources therefore you should work with as powerful a computer as possible. The basic requirements are as follows:

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What video camera will I need?

Pro-Trainer DV requires a good quality DV camcorder with the ability to control shutter speed either manually or by using a "sports" setting. The higher the shutter speed capability of the camcorder, the better the quality of video will be.

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What features do I need in a video camera?

One of the most important features is shutter speed. It is best if you have a shutter speed you can control manually. If your camera allows you to control the shutter speed and has a maximum shutter speed of 1/2000 or faster, this will generally be sufficient.

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Should I use a desktop or notebook computer?

Since notebooks are now rivaling the power of desktops, most people can enjoy more flexibility with a notebook system without sacrificing performance. A desktop is fine for strictly office use or whenever you require massive hard drive capacity (over 120 gig).

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What are the minimum system requirements to run Pro-Trainer DV?

The minimum system requirements for your computer to run Pro-Trainer DV are:

        Processor speed of at least 2.33 GHz or higher; dual core processor
      2 MG Memory minimum; prefer 4-8 GB
        250GB hard drive with at least 20GB free.
        DEDICATED VIDEO RAM – minimum of 500MG; preferably 1GB
       ·Video display card and monitor capable of 800x600 and 256 hi-color settings.
        CD-ROM or CD-RW drive.
·        For LIVE DIRECT CONNECT recording; one (1) FireWire port or room to add one (1) PCI card (desktop) per camcorder.
        Windows XP thru Windows 7 and 8
Need Bootcamp to run on a MAC

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Can Sports Motion provide all the equipment I need?

Yes. Sports Motion can supply desktop and notebook systems as well as camcorders and other accessories. Please visit our product section for more details.

The systems we provide are 'turn key' systems - in other words, you only have to turn them on and everything is set up. Our complete packages come with all software installed and ready to go. We guarantee them to perform correctly right out of the box. Even the batteries are pre-charged for you.

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How can I 'test' Pro-Trainer DV?

You can test Pro-Trainer DV by downloading a free trial version. After the trial period expires, you will have an option to purchase the program through our website. This site contains instructions to guide you through the download process. You can also download sample video clips to try out the software thoroughly before purchasing.

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How do I buy Pro-Trainer DV?

Purchasers can buy the program from this website. Visit the on-line store and follow the instructions.

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