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Medical Solutions

Our systems are heavily used in hospital and clinic settings for physical rehabilitation, sports injuries, gait analysis and more. On-screen features such as line drawing, angle measurement and the stopwatch timer make this a great support tool for doctors and physical therapists.

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Here are just some of the many features of our systems:

CUSTOM EQUIPMENT FOR THERAPISTS:   In addition to our complete motion analysis systems, we have accessories designed to work in the office or rehab center environment. Accessories such as low-light cameras, wide angle lens kits, tripod dollies and our unique "low-reach" tripod adapter are well-suited to these applications.

FAST AND EASY TO USE: We’ve designed our products so anyone can use them without having to be a computer expert. Just open the box and GO! It’s that easy. Our full hardware systems come pre-assembled and pre-loaded with software. No setup to perform or big manuals to read. Even the batteries are pre-charged. Everything has been done for you.

FREEZE-FRAME & SLOW-MOTION: Our systems process a full 60 to 1200 frames per second which means you see video images with NO blurring and NO missed movements as with conventional VCRs.

ELECTRONIC CHALKBOARD: Our software gives the therapist an electronic chalkboard feature which  provides unlimited drawing directly on video frames to help illustrate motion problems. Draw shapes, lines, freehand and even get line angles displayed automatically. There's even a notepad feature that allows you to enter and store notes along with each video frame being analyzed.

CAPTURE AND ANALYZE VIRTUALLY ANY MOTION:  Our video motion analysis systems are widely used by researchers, doctors and physical therapists for kinematics and biomechanics research, sports medicine and physical therapy including gait analysis and injury rehabilitation. Our systems can be valuable tools for capturing and analyzing virtually any type of complex human motion such as running, walking, jumping and more. 

ACHIEVE RESULTS FAST: It can take months for a rehabilitation patient to regain skills after an injury or surgery, often due to a small, imperceptible problem in their body motion. It can be very frustrating for doctors or physical therapists as they try to find that tiny flaw that is preventing maximum potential. With our motion analysis systems, you can quickly compare the present body motion to periods prior to the injury or surgery and find that subtle difference which is causing the problem.

A NEW PROFIT CENTER: Generate significant new revenues without adding a single patient! Our systems are already being used to add a new dimension to handling insurance cases involving physical therapy. Our software helps you prepare the necessary documentation for any physical therapy claims. This helps to speed up the reimbursement process as well as reduce the number of insurance company denials by providing clear, concise reporting.

Annual New Revenue Model 

Assume you only generate one additional procedure for half of your patients per week (the typical number is one per visit).  Depending on how many patients you see, check below to find your increase in revenue realized.

Patients /week


Average reimbursement

Weekly revenue increase

Monthly revenue increase

Annual revenue increase


























It is important to note that these fees are be generated without adding any new patients; these fees are rendered by maximizing your existing patients. All this is accomplished while producing exceptional documentation, and increasing the level of care that you provide.


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Physical Therapy Client list and Testimonials

Patrick T. Conway, MS
Fitness Program Manager
McChord AFB, WA

I am using the system to observe active abnormal or weakened postural discrepancies in the upper and lower extremities. I film people walking and running with and without shoes on a treadmill to observe their gait. Additionally I have patients complete mobility activities of simple squats, one legged step ups and hopping on two legs and one leg if possible. These motions are filmed from the front, side and back so I can run it back in extra slow motion to identify where short comings are. A PT can examine a patient using a typical ROM exam but this type of exam does not reveal how the supporting muscles contribute to the troubled area. Some injuries are straight forward, such as a person fell and separated their shoulder, but others are due to a series of problems. I find that people are usually suffering from a multiple of issues, such as low back pain with glute/hamstring and illiotibial band weakness. Because their back hurts they shift their weight differently but this leads to lower leg/knee pain because the glutes and hamstrings cannot support the weight shift and it has to transfer to another area. Filming a person in motion reveals the weakness in supporting areas quickly and allows me develop an approach to correct the problem."

Mathew Grasmeyer & Ryan Grant
Ottawa Orthotics Lab

Using software/equipment to diagnose gait and determine corrective measures for pain management.

Our profession deals with the fitting of orthotics and footwear so gait analysis
is a critical aspect of our assessments.  After searching extensively for software, 
which would allow us to capture and review video of the gait cycle, 
we came across the Sports Motion software.  Although it was primarily 
designed for golf, it works perfectly for analyzing the running/walking gait.  
With the vast number of shoe companies making running shoes, it often becomes 
very confusing to a customer trying to determine the proper shoe for them.  
With the Sports Motion software, we are able to make sure the client is 
in a biomechanically supportive shoe.  The ability to split the screen and 
compare before and after appropriate footwear/orthotics is an extremely powerful 
visual tool.  Along with confirmation of the correct alignment to the client, 
the frame-by-frame analysis helps us to make fine tuning adjustments to both 
the orthotics and footwear if necessary.  Thanks to Sports Motion for the great, 
easy to use product.
Ryan Grant”

Dr. Jay Smith
Mayo Clinic, Sports Medicine Center

Using software/equipment for gait analysis and sports medicine/rehab.

Chris Campilii
Center for Physical Therapy

Using software/equipment for gait analysis, range of motion analysis and pain management in physical therapy treatment.

Lynn Herzberger
Runners Roost

Using software/equipment in three retail stores for gait analysis to fit customers into correct shoes.

Dan Voggleback
Athlete Profile/Sports Specialty & Rehab Center

Using software/equipment for sports medicine/rehab.

Dr. Jim Conway & Jeff Jankowski
Oklahoma Sports Science and Orthotics

    We are really enjoying the software. At this point we have mainly used it for 
identifying biomechanical problems with runners and it has been great. We also 
evaluated a golf swing and a pitcher. It has been a big enhancement to our Performance 
Lab. Thanks for the follow-up.

Dr. Dino Laurenzi
United Hospital Systems Inc.

Using software/equipment for sports medicine/rehab.

Steve Taylor
Southern Therapy Services

Using software/equipment for gait analysis, range of motion analysis and pain management in physical therapy treatment.

David Frederick
USA Sports Fitness

Using software/equipment in Physical Therapy and High Performance Training clinics.  Primarily used with runners who have some kind of kinetic chain dysfunction to assist them in returning to a normal gait.

If you would like to receive more information or have a representative call you to discuss our custom solutions further, click here.

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