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Pro-Trainer Motion Analysis Software

New 1200 frames-per-second capability!
Windows 7 Compatible - 32 and 64-bit

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Below are actual sample screens taken from live sessions. We've used golf and baseball for these screen shots but our software is universal and can be used with virtually any sport or activity. These screen shots will describe many of our key features as well as illustrate how easy the software is to use. (click on pictures below to enlarge)

Select from an extensive list of pre-programmed sports and activities. The customize menu allows you to add new sports and assign your own terminology and user data fields. You tailor the software to fit your own needs.
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Video Capture/Playback:
VCR-style controls permit easy recording and instant replay with audio. Our multi-camera version and our full hardware systems even come with custom, color-coded speed keys and hand-held remote control for easy one-touch program operation.
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Multi-Camera Video Capture/Playback:
Our multi-camera version supports multiple simultaneous input cameras. Video from each camera is displayed on the preview screen, captured simultaneously and is then displayed in multiple playback windows.
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Video Overlay:
Superimpose frames from within one video or frames from two separate videos over each other for accurate comparison of motion. This is an important feature for seeing exactly how each area of the body moves throughout the entire range of motion.
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Video File Manager:
No more searching for videos on your hard drive. The videos are organized by player name and date of capture. Each column can be sorted to give you quick access to the video you need. Simplifies the cataloging and locating of stored videos. A preview of the selected video is also displayed.
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Multi-Frame Mode:
Display multiple sequential frames on a single screen in time-lapse format. You can display any number of frames on a single screen and you can adjust the interval between frames.
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Zooming, Panning and Magnifying:
 Zoom in on critical areas or pan the video to center the scene in the window. A magnifier feature is also available which allows you to see close-up detail on any area of a video.
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Player Comparison:
Open two or more different videos simultaneously on the same screen for easy comparison of two players or "before" and "after" shots of the same player. Videos can be played separately or locked to play in synchronization.
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On-Screen Timer:
A stopwatch can be displayed on any video for accurate event timing analysis. A real-time 1/1000 second timer is also continuously displayed on the screen for quick timing analysis during playback. The timer display can alternately be switched to display frame numbers.
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Angle Measurements:
 Angles can automatically be calculated and displayed from lines drawn on a video. 
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Speed and Distance Measurements:
 Points can be plotted on the video and then used to create arcs. Points can then be used to calculate speed and distance. This can be used to measure things like bat speed, golf club speed or pitch speed.
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Full-Screen Display:
The full screen mode allows the current video to be expanded to fit the entire PC screen for maximum viewing. This makes viewing much easier for use outdoors or with large groups.
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Video Synchronization
: When playing two or more videos simultaneously, the "lock" function locks all videos together so they play in synchronization. Each video can be staged at a specific frame before locking. (click on picture to enlarge)

Drawing and Text Notes:
Draw any shape, line or angle on a video. Automatically calculate angle measurements. Add text notes for future review sessions. These tools make it easy to prepare complete lessons right along with the player's video.
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Horizontal Mirroring
: Images may be flipped to change a left-hander to a right-hander and visa-versa. This makes for more accurate comparison of two different-handed players. (click on picture to enlarge)

CD Output, Email and Printing:
Individual frames or entire videos can be selected and output to CD or hard copy for students to take home. Frames and entire video lessons can also be emailed directly to students.
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Lesson Creator:
Add drawings, notes and graphics to any video and then use our "lesson creator" to output a "movie" complete with voice-over (microphone and sound card required). The "lesson" can then be easily sent to a student using our CD or email output features.
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