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motion analysis, slow motion cameras, biomechanics motion capture

Desktop Motion Analysis Systems

Here are just a few of the many features you'll find in our Pro-Trainer systems:

Stability - Our systems have been around for years. They are time-tested and rock-solid. Whether you buy personal use or for your business, you can't risk buying something that performs poorly or crashes frequently. 

Functionality - Our systems have all the functions that any coach or instructor will need ranging from amateur sports all the way to professional or Olympic levels. As the saying goes, "if we don't have it, you probably don't need it".

Instant Results: It can take months for an athlete to come out of a slump or a patient to regain skills after an injury and it can be very frustrating for coaches, trainers or physical therapists as they try to find that tiny flaw that is preventing maximum potential. With a Pro-Trainer system, you'll find and fix those flaws fast!

Easy to use - Our systems are specifically designed to be easy to learn and use. We build our products for coaches, trainers and athletes - not computer wizards. Most customers find they can begin using our products without even opening the manuals. Our systems even come equipped with remote controls and custom keyboards with color-coded keys to make operation as easy as pushing buttons on your VCR.

Flexibility - Our systems work for any sport or motion-related application including gait analysis and biomechanics research. Other competitors' products are limited to use in individual sports like golf.

More Than Sports - Pro-Trainer systems are also widely used in hospital settings for physical rehabilitation, sports injuries, gait analysis and more. On-screen features such as line drawing, angle measurement and the stopwatch timer make this a great support tool for doctors and therapists. Click here for more information.

Service and Support - We provide both email AND toll-free phone support. This may be the most important aspect of your purchase. After all, what good is a system if the company isn't there to help you after the sale. This is the cornerstone of our company. Read some of our customers' testimonials.

Instant Replay: You can literally review (and correct) an athlete’s performance right on the spot with our instant replay feature.

Multi-camera Capture: Our desktop systems have the ability to capture video from up to four video cameras simultaneously. This means you can capture motion from several angles at the same time.

Freeze-Frame and Slow Motion:
Our Pro-Trainer DV motion analysis systems process a full 60 to 1200 frames per second which means you see images with NO blurring and NO missed movements.

Electronic Chalkboard: Our motion analysis software gives the coach, instructor or therapist an electronic chalkboard feature which rivals those used by the major TV broadcast networks. It provides unlimited drawing directly on video frames to help illustrate biomechanics motion problems. Draw shapes, lines, freehand and even get angles displayed automatically. There's also a notepad feature that allows you to enter and store notes along with each video frame being analyzed.

Lesson Creator with CD and Email Output: Our software can easily output videos to CDs as well email them directly to your athletes. You can even include "voice-over" narration to create complete video lessons.

Incredible Clarity and Detail: With the Pro-Trainer system you can zero in on critical hand movements, leg/foot action, body angles and much more. With our 720x480 digital video resolution you'll see every frame in clear, sharp detail.


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