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motion analysis, slow motion cameras, biomechanics motion capture


Motion Analysis Accessories

We offer a complete line of professional quality video and computer accessories including PC mounting trays, tripods, camera heads, dollies, extended-distance Firewire cables and more. We also manufacture and sell several custom products designed specifically for motion analysis applications. Below are some of our exclusive products only available at Sports Motion (click on photos below to enlarge).

TechTray  -  Our patented TechTray PC tripod-tray support system makes motion analysis in the field extremely convenient and easy (pictured at right). The system was designed here at Sports Motion in order to make motion capture and analysis extremely easy for either indoor or outdoor portable operation. Now coaches can take the equipment right to where the action is. The system comes in either single or dual tray design. This support system is designed so that a user can mount all equipment, including a PC, right on the same tripod for easy operation and viewing while performing motion analysis in the field. The entire unit sets up in a few seconds and supports even the heaviest PCs and camcorders. By the way, all of our "NP" Pro-Trainer motion analysis systems come standard with our TechTray system.  Click here for more details.

Mobility -  For total mobility, our TechTray tripod systems can be equipped with optional portable dollies. These dollies come with large 4" wheels that can handle most any surface and locking brakes when fixed positioning is desired. They make it easy to roll a complete Pro-Trainer system from point to point on a playing field or in a gymnasium.

Motion Remote  -  One of the most important innovations at Sports Motion is our exclusive Motion Remote. This is a wireless remote control with special PC software designed to operate your entire system from distances up to 400 feet away. Unlike typical infrared "TV" remotes, our remote control uses radio frequency which means you don't have to "point" it at the equipment. Because of this feature, our remote operates at longer distances AND can operate through walls. Now a coach can easily move about while still controlling the motion analysis equipment or even control it from another room! The Motion Remote is not sold separately but comes standard in all our Pro-Trainer packaged systems and with our multi-camera Pro-Trainer software.

SportsCam  -  Because many motion analysis applications require equipment to be located right on a ball field, gym or other hazardous area, we have developed a camera package which is totally self-contained in a heavy duty, impact resistant enclosure. The enclosure can be mounted on one of our pro tripods or permanently mounted on a wall or ceiling. It even comes with its own remote control for operating the camera's zoom function without having to open the unit.

Low-Reach Adapter -  Designed by Sports Motion, our low-reach adapter arm extends the camera mounting position below the tripod at near ground level. This is essential for capturing foot and leg motion of runners or other athletes as well as patient leg movement for physical therapy. Although you can simply point the video camera at a down-angle, this usually produces a distorted and inaccurate video image. For best results, the video camera should always be located at right-angles to the subject being captured which, of course, is difficult at ground levels unless you have such an adapter.

Extended Distance Firewire Cable  -  For those applications such as batting cages, gyms or ball fields where cameras need to be located at long distances from the PC, we offer special, extended distance Firewire cables especially designed for video. These cables can extend your camera up to 164' from the PC without the use of repeaters (standard cables require repeaters every 15'). Cable lengths come in several sizes.


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