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motion analysis, slow motion cameras, biomechanics motion capture

Sales Opportunities

We’re looking for independent sales reps and resellers.

If you’re interested in getting in on a brand new frontier in sports training, this may be the place for you. We need experienced sales people and resellers who can “talk” sports and who are comfortable using personal computers and video equipment such as camcorders. Our prospects are typically coaches, athletic instructors, high school and college athletic directors, sports organizations and pro/semi-pro teams.

What is Pro-Trainer?

Pro-Trainer systems are PC-based video motion analysis systems that represent a new generation of  athletic coaching and learning tools which will benefit just about any sport you can think of. In fact, this concept is so powerful it is even getting used in other areas now such as sports medicine, rehabilitation and physical therapy.  

Our systems have gone through extensive development and field-testing and the results have been nothing short of amazing. Until now, only professional teams with expensive videotape systems had access to this kind of power. And now our Pro-Trainer systems are making those videotape machines look like dinosaurs by comparison. Besides using the absolute best in video and computer hardware, our systems come with the best sports capture and analysis software available anywhere. This software is both easy to use and extremely powerful. It offers complete freeze-frame analysis at 60 to 1200 frames-per-second, side-by-side motion comparison, slow-motion replay and even electronic “chalk board” features similar to those used in sports broadcasting by the major networks. This makes the entire package an excellent teaching tool for not only group coaching but one-on-one instruction as well.

Who’s our market and competition?

You will not find anything like our systems in existence in most sports organizations with the exception of pro teams and a few golf centers. This can be both good and bad. Many prospects will have never seen anything like what we sell so it may take them some getting-used-to. But that’s also the plus side since there is no heavy competition currently out there. Best of all, the potential market is huge. The low cost of our products makes them well within the reach of all organizations including colleges, high schools, amateur/pro teams and even individuals such as private instructors.  Our potential customers are virtually unlimited: High school sports, booster clubs, college athletic departments, private tennis instructors, bowling centers, golf pros, dance schools, pro ball teams, gymnastic schools, Olympic training centers, sports training camps and even private individuals such as students, athletes and parents. In fact, if you really think about it, you can probably come up with a dozen more applications for our products.

 Here’s what we’re offering:

-       Select your own territory.

-       Generous commissions and reseller discounts.

-       Low start-up investment ($5,000).

-       Full sales support and technical support to help you close sales.

-       Regular advertising on the Internet and in trade publications.

-       Fast, centralized order fulfillment.

-       A continually growing product line.

-       No quotas (minimum sales levels may be required to hold an exclusive territory).

-      Supplement your existing income or add our products to your current product offerings.

So, if you want to get in on a true ground-floor opportunity, fill out our on-line application or email us today. Tell us a little about your training, background and experience (include a resume if available) and where you would be interested in setting up a territory.

Toll-free (US only): 888-265-6226
International: 001-760-942-0116
Fax: 760-942-6285


Sales/support hours: 8AM-4PM PST

Sports Motion, Inc.
Offices located in California

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