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Here are just a few of the more recent success stories from coaches and athletes who have used the Sports Motion, Pro-Trainer systems:

Jeff F: Sophomore in college. He had a serious pitching control problem. Before analyzing and coaching with the Sports Motion system he threw only two strikes out of every ten pitches or 20% accuracy. After working for only one practice session with the SMI system he now throws an average of five strikes out of every ten pitches or 50% accuracy. This was a dramatic improvement, which was realized almost immediately.


Jeremy H: Freshman in college. Although accuracy was not the problem, he was only able to throw a fastball in the 70’s, which was not good enough for varsity competition. As a result of his poor fastball, he never started a varsity game. After some practice sessions with a Sports Motion system he corrected a flaw in his pitching motion, which was hampering his throwing velocity. He immediately began throwing in the low 80's and subsequently started ten games in college last season. He became the team’s ace pitcher, led the team in number of victories, ERA and strikeouts. He also led the team to two playoff spots and a first place finish.


Steve S: Freshman in college. He only batted one for eight in the first six games of the season. After one session with the Sports Motion system he had 18 hits out of his next 39 at-bats over the next 12 games. This represented an increase of over 300 points in his batting average.


Julius J: Senior in high school. He only shot 40% last year for his varsity high school basketball team. After a brief session using Sports Motion analysis, a coach detected a very subtle flaw, which was causing missed shots. He couldn’t believe it was such a simple thing. For a split second, and at a critical point in the shot, the athlete’s hands were disrupting his own line of vision to the basket but no one could spot it with the naked eye. It took freeze-frame analysis to detect it. He is now shooting consistently over 75%

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