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Company Background

Research studies have found that up to 90% of all human communication is NON-VERBAL.† And, the human eye and brain cannot accurately process and analyze quick human body movements.†

With an understanding of the value of NON-VERBAL communication and the power of video analysis, the founders of Sports Motion (Joe Smull, head baseball coach at Penn State University; Lou Smull, professional photographer; and Jay Lomberk, owner and President of Computer System Associates) took twenty five years of athletic coaching and advancements in video analysis technology to develop the tools for Video Analysis. The mission of Sports Motion, Inc. was to develop new, non-verbal tools that are within the financial reach of coaches and trainers as part of their training package.

We have all heard the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words.”† If a picture is worth a thousand words, consider the value of the single picture frame, combined with the ability to slow down movement to see the subtle movements that need to be analyzed and measured in a “frozen” picture at certain points within an activity.†

Most coaches and athletic trainers use VERBAL training with their athletes.† The best tool that a coach or trainer could use is the ability to show the athlete EXACTLY how he or she looks during a particular event or movement and then be able to visually describe the corrective action in an accurate and meaningful process.†

One of the early supports of using Video Motion Analysis, Chris Swanner was a parent with two sons involved in Little League Baseball.† Chris found that when he would record the players, they would be enthusiastic about seeing themselves on the video and what could be changed.† Chris soon became a part-time sales person for the company.† When he retired from being a Firefighter, he and his wife Randi started working with the company full time, and became owners in 2010.

As technology has changed, so have the products of SMI.† Systems have been developed to allow for both LIVE VIDEO and Wireless connectivity.† Ease of use and cost effective products have been the driving factor in the introduction of new products. Whether the coach/athletic trainer is looking for INSTANT viewing or PORTABILITY and EASE IN TRANSPORT, systems have been developed to meet the needs.† Outdoor viewing and near immediate viewing is a key component, and with the development of the SOL SideKickô, the only system with the Transflective Screen, you can truly work indoors or outdoors and have the ability to see the screen and the videos clearly on the field in normal bright sunlight. ††

Our products have such universal appeal; other fields have begun to use them.† Nearly half of our customers are involved in the medical and research fields.† Applications range from injury prevention to physical therapy; sports medicine and biomechanical research.

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